San Lorenzo Schools' Truancy Rate Above State Average

Highest rate is at East Bay Arts High. What should educators do to tackle this issue?

Slighty more than a third of San Lorenzo Unified students were reported as truant during the past school year, according to information released by the state superintendent's office.

The district's 37 percent rate is higher the state average and slightly above the county average.

Truancy is defined as any student who misses 30 minutes or more of class time without a valid excuse at least three times in one school year.

The highest rate in the district was found at East Bay Arts High with 85 percent.

Royal Sunset Continuation and San Lorenzo High both recorded 69 percent rates.

Arroyo High was listed at 48 percent. Kipp King Collegiate High had the district's lowest rate with 1.7 percent.

The middle schools ranged from 47 percent at Edendale to 14 percent at Washington Manor.

The elementary schools ranged from 10 percent to 35 percent.

Below is a table from data gleaned from the state superintendent's website. You can view data on suspensions, expulsions and truancy at individual schools here.

School Enrollment Truants Truancy Rate Arroyo High 1,867 901 48.3 Bay Elementary 639 69 10.8 Bohannon Middle 997 356 35.7 Colonial Acres Elementary 722 188 26 Corvallis Elementary 664 126 19 Dayton Elementary 566 60 10.6 Del Rey Elementary 574 157 27.4 East Bay Arts High 351 300 85.5 Edendale Middle 643 303 47.1 Grant Elementary 415 79 19 Hesperian Elementary 737 263 35. Hillside Elementary 579 184 31.8 Kipp King Collegiate High 463 8 1.7 Kipp Summit Academy 400 106 26.5 Lorenzo Manor Elementary 686 227 33.1 Royal Continuation High 343 238 69.4 San Lorenzo High 1,570 1,086 69.2 Washington Manor Middle 892 133 14.9 San Lorenzo District Total 12,878 4,784 37.1 Alameda County Total 33.9 California Total 28.5
Michael Moore April 30, 2013 at 12:00 AM
There are of course two different ways to look at this. Schools with low truancy have a tradition of sending their kids back to school when they are actually sick, thereby infecting the remaining healthy kids. Just like their folks. The numbers actually mean nothing except that 1/3 of all the kids in Alameda County really do not think much of going to school in the county schools. That should and does drop the county from being a place where you might get an education to being a place where you certainly will get sick from all the kids at school.
Charlie Goldie April 30, 2013 at 03:03 PM
Oh, Mr. Moore. You seem to like commenting on all news. Your perspective is always from the negative. I wonder why? Do you fear and disrespect all organizations and people? I sincerely hope you can say something good!! Reg. Truancy. If you read the material completely, you see that the principal of each school has an impact on the percentage. If the principal asks office help to call the parents and ask why and then get a written note from the parents, this is then an excused tardiness and does not go down as a truancy. If no one calls the parents and no change is available to the truancy, then it stays as a truancy. In fact, I believe you were the one pointing this out. Your comment was the waste of time by the school to call the parents. Mr. Moore, my opinion is that the number one challenge with students who are having problems is their parents. This includes truancy, classroom behavior and test scores. Many students cannot perform at their grade level. Why??
j.p. April 30, 2013 at 05:31 PM
My child goes to school in San Lorenzo and I believe the problem is the small learning communitys, what high school kid knows what he wants to be in the 9th grade . They just want to go to school and get it over.But when you make it so hard on these kids to pick a careeer and get good grades in it is crazy. Some of these schools do not have good leadership, they are there to get a paycheck. There is to much pressure on the kids today. alot of it is there are single parent households too.
Michael Moore May 01, 2013 at 01:35 AM
Charlie, not sure about what you were trying to say. I thought my point was simple. "Schools with low truancy have a tradition of sending their kids back to school when they are actually sick, thereby infecting the remaining healthy kids. Just like their folks." Now I am not saying that you are one of those civil servants who never use their sick pay when ill, thereby infecting those that are not yet sick from what you contaminated us with. If you are blameless, step in to the light. The reason that kids do not perform at their grade level is that the teachers, administrators and school board all want to promote the loser who has not learned. You, who vote for these folks, are as responsible as they are. If you constantly vote out the incumbents and insist on schools, administrators and school board who produce results then I stand aside and salute you sir. You and I are the minority here. Our schools do poorly because the professional staff and dedication of the administrators is afraid or incapable of standing up for real quality and performance. They, like almost all public officials and civil servants, milk the taxpayers teat and get fat from the ignorance of the electorate. Charlie, I do not know which side you are on. Join me in telling the public and the board that it is time to fish, produce results, or cut bait, get fired.


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