Last Chance: Nominate "Friend of Education" by Saturday

May 26 is the deadline to let the Castro Valley Educational Foundation know your pick

The Castro Valley Educational Foundation wants the community's input in selecting its "Friend of Education" to be honored by the organization for making a difference in Castro Valley schools. Whether you know of a teacher, administrator, parent, guardian, business or organization that deserves the honor, let the foundation know by this Saturday, May 26.

As announced by the Castro Valley Educational Foundation:

"We in Castro Valley are justifiably proud of our schools. The excellence of our schools is a result of dedicated teachers and administrators, involved parents and guardians, and a supportive community.

Friends of Education come in many sizes, shapes and colors. They are not limited to the affluent who can donate large quantities of money such as Dr. Mary Jane Stamm. They are found in our every day life.

Friends of Education include the dedicated teacher who lovingly tends to our children throughout the school year. Many times our dedicated teachers reach into their own pockets to supply things to help our children enjoy the school day fostering a better learning environment.

Friends of Education include the school administrators who strive daily to provide the best tools and learning environment for our children and teachers of all levels.

Friends of Education include the parents and guardians of our student community who foster the learning environment by participation to the best of their ability whether it be a volunteer assistant, chaperone for class activities, active parent club or association member....the list is endless.

Friends of Education include the professionals who contribute their time, expertise and donations to touch our students. Classroom presentations and discussions, instructions both inside and outside the classroom and their contributions of knowledge in their fields are just a few examples of how they touch our students.

Friends of Education even include the everyday person who takes a few moments to bring to the attention of the Foundation viable donations of materials that will benefit our students.

Friends of Education are everywhere and make a huge difference in school district's ability to give our students the best education possible.

The Castro Valley Educational Foundations wants to recognize these wonderful individuals and organizations through a yearly award to in the areas of Teacher/Administrator, Parent/Guardian and Business/Organization.

Nominate the teacher, administrator, parent, guardian, business or organization who you believe has made a difference in our schools.

Click HERE to submit your nomination for the 2012 Friend of Education award."

Questions asked on the nomination form:

"What has the candidate's contribution been beyond what is expected in the usual public school program?"

"How have they beneficially affected one or more of the following: program development, staff morale, community support, student interest, learning environment or general support for public education?"

"How has the candidate provided creative leadership in inspiring or motivating others to achieve or contribute to public education?"

"How has the candidate demonstrated on-going support for Castro Valley schools?"


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