Lorenzo Manor Students 'Peace' Together to Beat Bullying

To wrap up their week-long anti-bullying campaign, students and faculty from Lorenzo Manor Elementary created a giant peace sign on campus.

A sight to see Thursday afternoon at : 650 students and faculty taking a stand against bullying and promoting peace on campus.

As part of National Anti-Bullying week, Leadership teachers Phoebe Smith, Monita Ma and students from student council coordinated activities and events during the local week-long campaign.

From poster and essay contests to themed dress-up days, the entire school jumped on board to beat bullying.

However, the largest event was the giant peace sign created by the entire school.

"We've gotten a really positive response from the kids," said Principal Greg Sahakian. "They seem to bring up that idea of being able to stand up as a victim or bystander of bullying."

For the first putting on the campaign on campus, Smith said it was a huge success. She said not only did it help victims or bullying but also gave bullies themselves insight to how their actions impact others.

"A know it really helps [for the students] to have the tools to fight back without getting in trouble or being combative," she said.


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