High School Graduation Rates in California on the Rise

Alameda County's graduation rate was 80.4 percent and Contra Costa County's was 85.8 percent.

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Patch photo archive.
California's high school graduation rate increased in 2013 for the fourth year in a row, according to data released today by the state's Department of Education. The state's graduation rate in 2013 was 80.2 percent, up 1.3 percentage points from the year before, according to Tom Torlakson, state superintendent of public instruction.
"For the first time in our state's history, more than 80 percent of our students are graduating - a clear sign of their hard work and the support they receive from their teachers, families and communities," Torlakson said in a statement.
The 2013 graduate rate measures students who started high school in 2009 and graduated with their class, Torlakson said.
Of the students who did not graduate with their class, 7.5 percent are still enrolled in school, 0.2 percent passed the GED test and 0.5 percent are non-diploma special education students, Torlakson said.
The rest -- 11.6 percent -- are dropouts, Torlakson said. The dropout rate is down 1.5 percentage points from the previous year, he said. The graduation rates for black and Hispanic students climbed faster than the statewide average, though their overall rates are below average, Torlakson said.
The 2013 graduation rate for black students was 67.9 percent, up 1.9 percentage points from the year before. The rate for Hispanic students was 75.4 percent, up 1.7 percentage points from the year before.
In the Bay Area, Marin County had the highest 2013 graduation rate, at 91.4 percent, according to state education data. Alameda County's graduation rate was 80.4 percent, Contra Costa County's was 85.8 percent, Napa County's was 85.3 percent, San Mateo County's was 88.2 percent, Santa Clara County's was 82.9 percent, Solano County's was 81.4 percent and Sonoma County's was 82.2 percent.
San Francisco Unified School District's graduation rate was 81.6 percent, which the district said was similar to its rate for the previous two years.
"We are continuing toward our goal of graduating 100 percent of our students with the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed," Torlakson said.

—By Bay City News
Jim Coley April 30, 2014 at 10:33 AM
Makes sense. As long as we keep eroding and buffering the standards , our Politicians and School Boards will one day have a 100% Graduation Certificate to hang on their "I Love Me" walls!! Truth is , we as a nation spend more money per student than any other Nation in the world on primary education only to have our "graduates" rank 14th in the world......right behind Iceland.So before we run around the building and shake hands with ourselves, maybe we should take a moment to ponder some new innovations in education and stop throwing money into an endless pit!


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