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Getting Started Couponing; Where to Find Coupons Series Part 3 of 5 — Finding Coupons in Stores

The Hayward Coupon Queen takes through a 5-part series on how to find coupons. In part 3 of the series, finding coupons in stores is the focus.

You need coupons to start! There are many different ways to get/find coupons. In the first part of this series, ; in the second part of the series, ; and in this third part of the series, we discuss finding coupons in stores.

You need coupons to start! There are many different ways to get/find coupons. The next place to find coupons is in the store you are shopping at.

Blinkie Machines: Typically found in grocery stores (CVS also has them), they are the little red boxes that stick out from the shelf, with a red blinking light (hence the name) in most cases. You may remember them as a kid; you would pull out all of the coupons and pretend you were using them! Great way to save money on products that you are buying right then (or save them for a future trip)!

Hang Tags: These are coupons that are hanging right on the product (like on the neck of a soda bottle).

Peelies: These coupons are also found right on the product, but they are stuck to the product and you have to peel them off (hence the name). Watch for these coupons and pull them off if you plan on buying this item. Sometimes they say that the cashier has to pull them off, so make sure that your cashier notices (if not, you can always take the item to customer service for a refund).

Catalina Coupons (aka Your Bucks) are coupons that are issued after you make a purchase. You will typically find a Catalina coupon machine at grocery stores like Walgreens and Kmart. After you make a purchase on specific item(s), the Catalina machine (found right next to the register), will print out a coupon good on your next shopping trip.

You can check out what deals are currently available at the Catalina Coupon Network. More often than not, you will get one of these almost every time you shop at Safeway or Lucky’s with an offer for an oil change. But always check them before tossing them as they could be good coupons or dollars off your next shopping trip!

Magic Coupon Machine at CVS: This is the red machine when you walk into most CVS stores. Scan your Extra Care card (register for one at the check out line if you don’t already have one), every time you shop at CVS (whether you plan to buy something or not). Continue to scan your card until it says “no more coupons available.” These coupons can be stacked with manufacturer coupons for extra savings. Sometimes there are even coupons that will get you free or better-than-free products. CVS coupons can only be used at CVS.

The following are store coupons but can be found online. You may be wondering why I included these in this part of the series instead of as part of the . Well, since these are store coupons (in most cases), I decided to include them in the in store part of the series.

Printable coupons at www.CVS.com: Check out the CVS website for a link to “in-store coupons” that can be printed from your computer. Some of these are manufacturer coupons and some are CVS coupons.

Rite-Aid Video Values: Rite-Aid has a program where you watch videos that are 30 seconds to a couple minutes long. After you watch the video, you qualify for a coupon on that product. The videos and the coupons change every month. These Rite Aid coupons can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon as well for additional savings. These coupons are linked to your Rite Aid Wellness + Card so they must be used only with your Wellness + card or they will beep at the register. You will need to register your Wellness + card here to participate in the Video Values program.

Target also has online store coupons. These are really some great coupons and stack nicely with manufacturer coupons for cheap items. From time to time, some of the coupons on Targets website are actually manufacturer coupons so you won’t be able to stack two manufacturer coupons on that item.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really a way to tell until you actually print out the coupons. And these coupons print a little differently; there isn’t a way to save paper with printing these coupons because if you only print one for instance, it prints in the middle of the paper instead of at the top. These coupons change frequently and make for some great freebies too.

Recently, there was a $1 off one Up & Up (Target brand) Oral Care item coupon. They sell the Up & Up brand dental floss for only 87¢, so this was free (but you do have to pay the tax still). One thing with Target coupons is that if the value of the item is lower than the coupon value, they will mark it down to the price of the item.

I really like that Target offers these store coupons and allows us to stack a manufacturers coupon with them. This to me is our way of doubling coupons! Note: You will need to download printer software the first time you attempt to print from Target. This is a reputable site and their printer software is not known to carry viruses or pop-ups, etc.

Well, this is just some of the ways you can find coupons in stores. You always have to be on the look out for a coupon. Look high, look low, they won’t always pop out at you!

Remember that you want to be a smart, ethical, conscientious couponer, so make sure to read the fine print of your coupons and follow the rules!

Stay tuned for the next blog: Getting Started Couponing; Where to Find Coupons Series part 4 of 5 where we will discuss Finding Coupons In Unexpected Places and buying coupons.

~Hayward Coupon Queen Helping you save money, ‘cause every penny counts! Like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and/or check out my website for more information on couponing and saving money!

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