What's Up With the Random Summer Weather?

Summer weather this week. Why is it here?

Two words: gorgeous weather. It's been in the seventies all week. Because of this beautiful weather, nature has finally given us a chance to break out our shorts, tank tops, and sandals and to let us enjoy the sun while we could. And another two words to mother nature: thank you.

Though this weather is only staying here for a week, what could possibly be causing this? I honestly believe it's global warming. This is based on opinion and there are no real facts or statistics to back up my theory, but global warming does cause a lot of weird weather. How ever did we go from that to summer weather?

But let's forget about global warming for a second. Another thing that doesn't seem to click in my mind is that why do we need an excuse to clean up the environment? Why couldn't we have done it earlier? Why now? As my father would say, "That's a rhetorical question, Sabrina." It just seems a little odd that we would need an excuse to finally be careful about over consumerism and to invent cars that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide put into the atmosphere.

And as my rant about gorgeous weather comes to an end, I think we all secretly wonder why it's here, but enjoy it while we can.

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David Ross April 21, 2012 at 04:15 PM
What a lot of people do not know is that around the 13th and 14th centuries there was a mini ice age. We have been coming out of that ever since. And, please people, do not forget that weather changes every day. Do no confuse "weather" with "climate." Weather is a daily occurrence. Climate is the "average" of the weather over hundreds or thousands of year. Carbon dioxide is not a evil gas that is going to destroy the earth if mankind doesn't stop putting more into the atmosphere. Were it not for CO2 then we would have a very barren planet - plants need CO2. Humans, insects, and animals need the oxygen that is produced by the plants "exhale" from the CO2 they have "breathed." CO2 composes about 0.04% of the atmosphere. The vast majority of atmospheric CO2 is from sources that are natural such as volcano eruptions and decaying matter. In other words, sources that mankind has no control over.


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