Waste Not, Want Not For Water This Summer

The East Bay Municipal Utility District anticipates having enough of the stuff to tide Castro Valley and San Lorenzo over until next rainy season. But long term demand will rise.


But don’t waste water.

That was the sense of a report from the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) advising that it will have enough H2O to slake thirsts in Castro Valley and San Lorenzo this summer and into the foreseeable future. 

Although EMBUD anticipates a less-than-normal snow melt from the Sierra, it should be enough to meet this summer’s demand and take the District into the next rainy season without additional restrictions or conservation measures. 

A key reason the District will make it through the summer with a sufficient supply despite the below normal runoff is that reservoirs were close to full when this water year started and water demands have dropped significantly in recent years.

A reduction in water use after the last drought that began in 2007 and a dip in water use due to the slumping economy are other reasons why the District will not need supplemental water.

Looking to the long term the District expects population growth and other factors to drive up the demand for water in the years ahead and is planning for new supplies including recycled water, water transfers and new partnerships to meet these needs.

What is your attitude toward water conservation? How have your habits changed? Or not?


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