Upload 'I Voted' Picture

Alameda County election officials say turnout seems lower this year. Let's show our voter pride.

Alameda County Registrar of Voters Dave Macdonald told Bay City News that he isn't seeing the same enthusiasm at the polls that he observed in 2008.

Well, the heck with him. I've got plenty of enthusiasm.

Maybe you do, too.

I hope you voted. And I don't care for what or for whom. I just think voting is a privilege we should never take for granted, an opportunity that we must always grab.

What difference does your vote make? In local elections it could be decisive. In county, state or national races it lets the powers that be know that we care.

If you are passionate about voting leave a comment below.

Or upload the most imaginative picture you can of a strategically placed "I Voted" sticker.

That's a picture of me, above. Surely you can do better.

We were going to give away some canvas bags, but we're now told we can't do that because it would be a contest and contests legally need rules, etc. So, this is for bragging rights.

So get creative. Upload a picture. Put your email address or some point of contact in the credit line.

Let's demonstrate our voter pride and encourage our neighbors.

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