Jury Finds Dan Dillman Guilty; Bal Owner Says It Didn't Hear Whole Truth

Jury says theater owner resisted arrest, but he'll ask that verdict be set aside because, among other things, they didn't hear the full 911 recording appended to this story.


A jury has found San Leandro businessman Dan Dillman guilty of resisting arrest, battery upon a peace officer and interfering with an investigation in a trial stemming from a confrontation with two lawmen outside his Bal Theater in October 2010.

A spokesperson for the Alameda County District Attorney's office, which prosecuted Dillman, said the charges could carry a sentence ranging between probation and two years in county jail.

The trial in Hayward Superior Court .

Sentencing is set for April 23. The businessman has remained free throughout the process.

Dillman said Wednesday that justice wasn't done and vowed to ask that the verdict be set aside, continuing to maintain that he was the victim, not the aggressor, in the confrontation with two plainclothes, Alameda County Sheriff's personnell that led to the charges.

"There were so many things that restricted the jury from getting the facts," said Dillman, who has also in a $15 million civil lawsuit in federal court.

The precipitating incident behind the criminal and civil trials occurred on October 12, 2010, when Alameda County Sheriff's Sgt. Michael D. Carroll and Detective Terrence H. Montigue were questioning a witness who happened to be doing some sign work at the Theater.

Undisputed is the fact that they were in plain clothes and driving a regular car.

The central issue is whether they adequately identified themselves as peace officers -- Dillman says no -- or whether the businessman interfered in their duties after being warned off and had to be arrested.

The jury found on behalf of the officers in the criminal trial.

In seeking to reverse the criminal verdict, Dillman said he will assert, among other things, that the jury was not allowed to hear the full recording of the 911 call that his family members made as they watched, from inside the Bal, as he was taken down on the sidewalk outside.

To listen to that entire 911 recording click here.

The county is not Dillman's only adversary. The businessman has also been fighting San Leandro City Hall about l.

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John Q. Public April 03, 2012 at 10:42 PM
I have sat in on police training classes and I can tell you cops DO lie and admittedly so. Our police are legally allowed to lie. But anything YOU say or do can be held against you. I am former military and I am tired of this blind police worship. Look it up, cops have a long list of brutality against people who dare to legally stand up to them or photograph them. San Leandro has an image problem and this wont help. The BAL could be a centerpiece like the FOX in Oakland or Redwood City. Look how positively things have turned when you get the cities. Support.
John Q. Public April 03, 2012 at 10:57 PM
@Chris...As someone running for office, it's important to post that tidbit when commenting on forums such as this. It helps your credibility. I know Dan as well. I was once paid to perform at the BAL. I don't know him on a personal level but he was straight up to me and paid me in full even though the numbers were low. I wish him success.
John Q. Public April 03, 2012 at 11:03 PM
The only way to combat this is to help promote the BAL. Their success is the best revenge.
Leah Hall April 03, 2012 at 11:09 PM
re: a teachable moment on credibility... Mr. John Q., you don't say?
SANLODW April 15, 2012 at 12:01 AM
The Alameda County Sheriffs Dept Is Corrupt and Has been for some time!!! Dont know Dan but I am 100% sure they have it out for him given problems in the past!! I have heard that there is a guy filming a Documentary about the Alameda County Sheriffs Dept and the Sheriff Himself Ahern. I hope it gets noticed. I hope that it bring out all of the bad things they have been doing against the people of Alameda County. Theres going to be alot of people comming to the defense of these idiots. But you need to know that there are alot of people out there that have fallen to the abusive unlawful hands of Ahern "CROANIES"!!!!! And it time for it all to go away..They are supposed to be there to serve and protect not to Beat and Abuse! There will come a time again when we can pick up are phones and not be scared to call for help!! San Leandro Police has a similar problem its time for a change there too!!!


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