How To Find Your Polling Place

A county lookup site will tell you where to vote and who your representatives are.

There have been a lot of electoral changes this year.

New districts have given Castro Valley voters unfamiliar representatives.

And if you've lost your sample ballot you may not be able to find your polling place.

Don't throw away your vote out of confusion.

Answer all your questions at the Alameda County Voter Profile lookup page. Find out where to go on Tuesday and who represents your neighborhood.

This is also the first year voters will participate in the new "top-two" primary elections. That means the top two vote getters, regardless of party, will compete in the November general election.

The idea is to inject more competition and moderation in the election process.

Want to know more? The California Secretary of State's office has explained how the new primary works. Ballotpedia will give you the pro and con arguments.


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