How Much Employees In the Oro Loma Sanitary District Earn

The state controller's office has released a 2011 study on salaries and benefits received by county, city and special district employees

The Oro Loma Sanitary District has the 35th highest average employee salary among the 1,504 special districts listed in a new public pay study.

The state Controller's Office has put the 2011 salary and benefits information on a website. It details city, county and special district payrolls.

The average salary for special districts across California was $54,468 a year. The annual salary for Oro Loma Sanitary was $84,177.

Here's an overview of some of those numbers.

2011 Salary Study Oro Loma Sanitary Special Districts Employees 50 67 (average) Average Salary $84,177 $54,468 Total Wages $4.2 million $5.5 billion

Here's the top 10 wage earners in the Oro Loma Sanitary District for 2011. The employees are listed by position only.

The salaries include regular pay, overtime, lump sums and other payments. The benefits and pension are what the district contributed to the employee's plan. Benefits are for health, dental and vision.

Employee Salary Benefits Pension General Manager $204,267 $19,575 $17,387 Water Quality Services Director $162,344 $19,725 $13,849 District Engineer $157,319 $19,516 $13,055 Finance Manager $131,490 $15,285 $11,531 Administrative Services Manager $126,440 $21,196 $11,034 Field Maintenance Supervisor $123,684 $19,725 $10,516 Associate Engineer $113,403 $19,516 $8,878 Plant Operation Supervisor $111,993 $9,155 $9,628 Plant Chemist $105,370 $15,419 $8,189 Plant Operator II $105,057 $15,478 $7,329

Oro Loma Sanitary services 13 square miles, including San Leandro, Hayward, San Lorenzo, portions of Castro Valley, Ashland, Cherryland and Fairview.

It serves a population of 126,000 people. It oversees 280 miles of sewer lines.

Jason Warner, the district's general manager, said highly trained individuals with specialized skills are needed to do the work the district does.

Many of the tasks require multiple disciplines such as chemistry and operations.

"It takes special engineers to do this kind of work," Warner said.

He also noted Oro Loma has the lowest sewer service rates of any district in the state.

tony santos March 01, 2013 at 02:04 AM
your point? all looks fine to me-good for them they made above average income-
Luther Young March 01, 2013 at 06:01 AM
Yes Mr. Santos. That is exactly the problem. "All looks fine to you" and those of your ilk. I recently lost my job where plant supervisors were making around $60K per year. This complany is now bankrupt. You see Mr. Santos if you're on the public payroll there is nobody to strive for efficiency. Give everybody automatic annual wage increases that are double the COLA, regardless of merit, talent, or diligence and screw the taxpayer... Yes Mr. Santos, it all looks fine to you, but you are (were) part of the problem.
Rai Warbasse March 01, 2013 at 04:39 PM
I agree with Tony. I see nothing wrong with the salaries these educated engineers are making. Ora Loma is very efficient and anyone that disagrees should go on a tour there some day. If our sewage was in disarray then I might be inclined to believe that these people are milking our dollars, but this is not the case. I used to work at ora loma when I was in high school many years ago and have since been impressed with their water treatment system and how they balance our wastefulness and the environment. So to you Luther, if you have ever used the toilet or a garbage disposer, then you too are part of the problem as well because someone needs to maintain the treatment and disposal of your waste and you would be surprised as to what gets flushed down the toilets. Take a look at the top paid cities link above for special districts. The top paid areas have a much higher volume due to their locations and area served. Ora Loma is 35 on the list, not even the highest paid in Alameda county and serving one of the more densely populated area in California. I think the bigger target should be those areas that have much higher ratios of employees like the LA district with a total of $458m and 8463 employees compared to Ora Loma's $4m with 50 employees and the smallest places having only 3 employees. Doesn't appear that we are comparing apples to apples. Ora Loma....keep up the good work!
Dig Deeper March 01, 2013 at 07:46 PM
These figures grossly under report the benefits paid. The total compensation the General Manager receives is over $300,000.
Susan Reisz March 01, 2013 at 10:57 PM
Any Openings?


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