How Much Employees In Castro Valley Sanitary District Earn

The state controller's office has released a 2011 study on salaries and benefits received by county, city and special district employees

The Castro Valley Sanitary District has the 267th highest average employee salary among the 1,508 special districts listed in a new public pay study.

The state Controller's Office has put the 2011 salary and benefits information on a website. It details city, county and special district payrolls.

The average salary for special districts across California was $54,468 a year. The average salary in Castro Valley Sanitary is below that at $46,588.

The district officially has 31 employees, although six of those are unpaid board members and six others are lower paid interns.

Without those dozen workers, the district's average salary is slightly more than $70,000 a year.

Here's an overview of some of those numbers.

2011 Salary Study Castro Valley Sanitary Special Districts Employees 31 67 (average) Average Salary $46,588 $54,468 Total Wages $1.4 million $5.5 billion

Here's the top 10 wage earners in the Castro Valley Sanitary District for 2011. The employees are listed by position only.

The salaries include regular pay, overtime, lump sums and other payments. The benefits and pension are what the district contributed to the employee's plan.

Employee Salary Benefits Pension General Manager $173,180 $19,770 $12,969 Administrative Services Supervisor $104,730 $29,524 $8,378 Associate Engineer $100,557 $8,461 $7,551 Engineering Technician $85,893 $15,638 $6,328 Collections Supervisor $83,023 $19,385 $6,349 Senior Collections Worker $77,221 $19,744 $5,916 Solid Waste Supervisor $75,826 $22,709 $6,066 Administrative Assistant $71,757 $1,633 $5,740 Engineering Technician $69,409 $8,461 $5,235 Administrative Assistant $67,688 $15,289 $5,397

The district serves 55,000 people in 22,000 homes and businesses in a 10-square-mile area of Castro Valley.

The district maintains 160 miles of sewer mains and nine pumping stations.

It also oversees a contract with Waste Management Inc. to collect garbage in Castro Valley.

General Manager Roland Williams Jr. noted the district has 19 full-time employees to take care of all this work.

"It's quite a daunting task. They receive an honest day's pay for an honest day's work," Williams said.

He added many of the employees are highly skilled and are certified by the state. They do jobs where if a mistake is made water somewhere gets polluted.

"We provide an essential service," said Williams. "We do the right thing, but we also have to do things right."

Bruce Johnson March 11, 2013 at 01:34 PM
Roland Williams is a tremendous leader and example for the rest of us in Castro Valley. I appreciate his direct response to the question of compensation plus his sharing of the skill level of his staff. We are blessed. Thanks, Roland!
David Ross March 11, 2013 at 03:40 PM
By including the unpaid board members you are misrepresenting the average salary. Exclude them and the average salary is $57769.68, not $46,588. This article represents the sad state of today's news reporters. They refuse to do any investigation. Rather, they just accept what is given to them. Had the David Mills spent a couple of minutes on the salary page and used a calculator, he would have seen that the average salary for CVSAN was a lot more than the salary page said.
anomymous March 11, 2013 at 04:59 PM
Bergie March 11, 2013 at 05:54 PM
@David: perhaps you didn't see this sentence in the report: "Without those dozen workers, the district's average salary is slightly more than $70,000 a year." @Anomyous [sic]: please look at other comments so you can respond intelligently: no CAPS, reread and correct typing/spelling errors. The pay scale is actually at the low end compared to our area cost-of-living.
David Ross March 11, 2013 at 06:37 PM
My mistake - I didn't see that sentence. I apologize.
David Ross March 11, 2013 at 06:40 PM
It appears you did not look at the chart provided. Of the 6 directors, one receives healthcare. The other 5 receive NO compensation from CVSAN. I do agree that the politicians on the CVSAN board are well compensated but they get their ill-gotten gains from other agencies, not CVSAN.


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