June Primary Election: What's On The Ballot For Castro Valley and San Lorenzo

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On June 5, Californians for the first time will vote in an open primary.

The top two vote getters in a race will move on to the November general election, whether they are from the same party or not.

In addition, this will be the first election with the new congressional, state Senate and state Assembly districts approved last fall by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission. They officially take effect in January. You can look at the new districts at this website.

Look for live election coverage Tuesday evening on Castro Valley Patch.

County Supervisor

4th District

There are two candidates in this election. The distrcit includes parts of Oakland, Ashland, Castro Valley, Cherryland, El Portal Ridge, Fairmount Terrace, Fairview, Hillcrest Knolls and Pleasanton.

Incumbent Nate Miley was first elected in 2000. He is

Tojo Thomas works is a deputy probation officer for Alameda County. You can .

The two candidates submitted columns this week on why readers should vote for them. To read Miley's, . To Read Thomas',

County School Board

Former Oakland teacher Geraldine Sonobe is running against Alameda County Fire Department spokeswoman Aisha Knowles for a seat on the Alameda County School Board.

The seat represents San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, and other parts of unincorporated Alameda County. The county school board is the intermediary between the state Department of Education and local school districts like those in San Leandro and San Lorenzo.

Mike Katz-Lacabe, a San Leandro School Board member, profiled Sonobe and Knowles on his San Leandro Bytes website. He noted that the Oakland Tribune has endorsed Sonobe.

County Superior Court Judgeship

As with the Assembly contest, it is occurring because there is no incumbent. Incumbents win so routinely that elections are almost farsical except when there is an open seat, as in the two cases above.

The judicial candidates are three attorneys; Catherine Haley, 60; Andrew Wiener, 53; and Tara Flanagan, 48. The Oakland Tribune has profiled the candidates.

State Assembly

20th District

This new district includes Union City, Hayward, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Ashland and Cherryland.

There are five candidates on the ballot.

Sarabjit Kaur Cheema is a New Haven school board member. She is also on the Union City human relations commission. She works as a transportation engineer for the state.

Mark Green, listed as an Independent, has been the mayor of Union City for the past 19 years. He is a member of the Association of Bay Area Government and the Metropolitan Transporation Commission.Luis Reynoso

Jennifer Ong is a doctor of optometry in Alameda. She is also a commissioner on Alameda County Commission on the Status of Women.

Bill Quirk has been on the Hayward City Council for two terms. He is a former NASA scientist and a retired Livermore Lab scientist.

Luis Reynoso is a Mexico native and a naturalized U.S. citizen. He attended Chabot College and Cal State Hayward. He is now a Hayward school board member.


15th District

This new district includes San Ramon, Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, Union City Hayward and part of Fremont.

There are three candidates in this election.

Democrat Congressman Pete Stark was first elected to Congress in 1972. On his website, he says he has led "the fight to protect Social Security and Medicare, enact health reform, promote peace rather than war, and standing up for working families."

Democrat Eric Swalwell is an Alameda County prosecutor who also serves on the Dublin City Council. Swalwell grew up in Dublin and graduated from Dublin High. He's offering himself as a moderate alternative to Stark.

Christopher Pareja lists no party preference and no job description on the ballot. On his website, he criticizes career politicians and says he wants to build strong economy. The Hayward resident is the owner of B2B Power Exchange and LeadGenaires, companies that help businesses find new opportunities.

Look for live election coverage Tuesday evening on Patch.

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Gerard June 05, 2012 at 02:48 AM
It's hard to believe after all that has been written about Nate Miley, that anyone in their right mind would vote for him. Even the Oakland Tribune/ANG is endorsing Tojo Thomas because they cannot ignore Miley's misconduct, calling him "ethically challenged." Just think how bad Miley must be for a liberal rag like the Tribune to throw a black democrat under the bus.
Xu Leo June 05, 2012 at 03:54 AM
Xu Leo Debate on April 30 Nate Vs Thomas Nate Miley “You say that I pay dues to the Belleview Club. Yeah, I can pay dues to the Belleview Club. I pay dues to the Claremont. I do that because I need to get away and have an opportunity to be in an environment where I don't have to deal with constituents who are constantly talking to me whether I'm in church, walking the streets or I'm in the grocery store. Once again, it didn't say paying dues was illegal. It just said if I'm using those dues and it's inappropriate that I need to pay those dues back to my campaign. So you make all these accusations that are totally outlandish” Tojo Thomas: "When I need to relax. I go home and play with my kids."
Xu Leo June 05, 2012 at 04:11 AM
Xu Leo My family voted for Tojo Thomas- I am a working man Nate:Go and spend public money for nice message upper class health spas
Gerard June 05, 2012 at 04:23 AM
FYI. Nate Miley alledgedly has a law degree from out-of-state. He has no license and does not practice law (couldn't pass the bar?)
Concerned June 05, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Has anyone gone to a debate between Nate Miley and Tojo Thomas? I was embarrassed for Tojo. Nate Miley ran circles around him. Even the newspapers said Nate was hard-working, dedicated, and experienced. I agree. Nate is knowledgeable and is a can-do person. Tojo admits he doesn't know things but says he'll hire people that do. Hire? With whose money? Tojo needs to learn about his community and at least join the local PTA to give him a baby step forward to run for election.


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