PHOTOS: Tuition Hike Not Welcome by CSU Faculty, Students at East Bay Campus

California State University East Bay was the site for hundreds of students and faculty who say they are fed up with tuition hikes and administrator pay raises.

The demonstration was billed as . However, shades of the Occupy movement could clearly be seen. 

"Banks got bailed out, we got sold out," was one of the familiar chants that could be heard from the large groups of protestors. 

Traffic at the Carlos Bee Boulevard entrance to the school was initially slowed by demonstators. A tactic was employed where one car was let through, then scores of demonstrators would cross the street before the next car was allowed to pass.

This scenario played out for several hours before demonstrators barricaded the entrances altogether. 

Once the barricades went up, an Alameda County Sherriff's cruiser moved in with lights flashing to warn drivers that the closure was in place. 

When asked how long the barricades would remain in place, Officer Lashley of California State University Police said, "I can't respond to that, we're just trying to keep people out of the street."

That sentiment was mimicked by Deputy Gilkerson of the Alameda County Sheriff's Office.

"We're more concerned with the protection of people than anything else," he said.

Officers directed traffic onto the Harder Road entrance of campus, where a similar slow-down was inplace and traffic began to back up. 

Faculty members from various schools like San Francisco State, San Jose State, Fresno State and CSU Chico, joined the demonstration.

One group of high school students from Ingelwood, CA visited the school for a campus tour.They ended up using buckets as impromptu drums and joined the demonstrators.

A demonstrator who chose to remain anonymous, claimed to be one the thousands of . He said he was at CSUEB because he felt that the situation with the schools is a result of Wall Street paying out politicians.

"Through this whole movement, I hope to see change for the good... real change," he said. 

To see some of the sights from throughout the day's protest, take a look at the photo gallery above.


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