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CHP: Reckless Driver Arrested Following…

Two Hit-And-Runs Thursday: What's Going On?

A man jogging on Castro Valley Boulevard suffered mild injuries Thursday after being hit by a driver who left the scene. A similar incident occurred elsewhere in Castro Valley.


Bay City News -- A man jogging on Castro Valley Boulevard was injured in a hit and run accident Thursday morning when a car struck him in a crosswalk, according to a California Highway Patrol officer.

It appears to have been the second such incident in Castro Valley on Thursday.

In the crosswalk accident, a 29-year-old Hayward resident was jogging west on the south sidewalk of Castro Valley Boulevard. He stopped at the intersection of Strobridge Avenue around 11:10 a.m., CHP Officer Daniel Jacowitz said. 

When the jogger began crossing the street with the "Walk" signal, he was struck by a 1998 Ford Escort, believed to be driven by a 70-year-old San Leandro woman who turned east onto Castro Valley Boulevard from northbound Strobridge Avenue, Jacowitz said.

The Ford Escort left the area after striking the man, as did the pedestrian. However, later he went to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley for minor injuries to his right knee and right wrist, Jacowitz said.

The CHP is working to track down the Escort driver suspected in the hit-and-run. Jacowitz said the driver's full license plate number had been recorded.

Second incident at 11:30 am

A pedestrian was slightly injured in a separate hit-and-run accident Thursday morning at 11:30 on Medford Avenue near Concord Avenue .

The car in that incident was also reported to be a Ford Escort but it is not known if the incidents are connected.

Is it getting riskier to cross the streets? Are there more irresponsible drivers on the road?

anthony September 15, 2012 at 06:03 AM
More times than not I ride sidewalk salmon through there to leave the valley, the legal side of the road heading up and over to Foothill is no place for a cyclist. Better than half the drivers stopped at that red are looking left for a gap to jump into and then do without even a glance back right. To be honest, now that I know what's coming I'll crowd the corner a little just to ring up another pair of saucer eyes. I'm hoping before the shock wears off they won't blaze another right on red for awhile and plow over someone else. An instant of concern to avoid a lifetime of regret; seems like a good deal to me.


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