Police: Ainsley Freeman Likely Did Not Shoot Herself

Autopsy results show both Ainsley Freeman and her mother, Amy Freeman Burton, were shot in the head.

Police said today that 13-year-old Ainsley Freeman most likely did not shoot herself.

Initial autopsy results show that Hart Middle School student Ainsley and her mom, 37-year-old Amy Freeman Burton, each died from one gunshot to the head.

Although the official report is not yet available, and results are not yet conclusive, "evidence does suggest that Ainsley did not likely shoot herself," Lt. Jeff Bretzing said in a press release issued Wednesday afternoon.

It is still unclear whether Freeman Burton's wound was self-inflicted, but that is not being ruled out, Bretzing said.

The bullets recovered are consistent with those found in the handgun that was located near the victims. Pending lab results are needed to confirm whether that weapon was actually involved.

The lab results regarding the firearm and other key evidence is not expected to be available until sometime next week.

"Until that time, we are unable to determine the exact nature of the shootings and investigators will continue to follow up on all leads," Bretzing said. 

Police say Christopher Burton, the husband of Amy Freeman Burton and Ainsley's stepfather, remains cooperative in this investigation.

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