Local Crews & Engines Help Fight 'Yellow Fire' In Sonoma County

A strike team of firefighters from departments in Alameda County, Fremont, Livermore and Hayward has been sent to help fight a forest blaze.


Alameda County Fire Department Press Release

A strike team of 22 firefighters from throughout Alameda County was called up Wednesday morning to assist firefighters in Sonoma County.

Strike Team OES 2870C is assigned to the "Yellow Fire” in Sonoma County, and as of today at 1:00 Wednesday, all firefighters and apparatus were doing well.

As of Wednesday afternoon the Yellow Fire had destroyed 125 acres and was 50 percent contained.

The following fire departments have provided personnel as part of the County-wide response:

  • Alameda County (2 Engines)
  • Fremont (1 Engine)
  • Hayward (Strike Team Leader, Strike Team Leader Trainee & 1 Engine) 
  • Livermore-Pleasanton (1 Engine)

Even after sending this help daily staffing at fire departments throughout Alameda County remains constant, and normal operations and standard response are intact, officials said.

They added that the costs of this deployment are reimbursable by the state.


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