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CHP: Reckless Driver Arrested Following…

Hayward Man 'Bumped' By Car While Crossing Castro Valley Boulevard

CHP said the 80-year-old pedestrian suffered minor injuries after being 'bumped' by a car while crossing Castro Valley Boulevard on Tuesday.

A Hayward man crossing Castro Valley Boulevard on Tuesday afternoon suffered minor injuries after getting "bumped" be a car.

Hermelo Ojeda, 80, was crossing the street, when he was hit by a San Leandro driver, accroding to CHP Public Information Officer Daniel Jacowitz.

Jacowitz said the 56-year-old driver claimed her view of Ojeda was obstructed by the car next to her. She was stopped at a redlight before proceeding at 2 to 5 mph and "bumping into" Ojeda.

He said Ojeda, who was hit by "light impact" and "low speed," was transported to Kaiser in Hayward for minor injuries.

Editor's note: Thank you to reader Keleka for providing us with this news tip on our Facebook page.

Thomas Clarke March 24, 2012 at 05:54 AM
Analisa, you make no mention of whether the driver was cited by the CHP for hitting a pedestrian causing bodily injury. You make no mention of whether the pedestrian was cited for j walking or unsafe street crossing by the CHP. One or the other happened. Eather was OK. Minor injuries on someone who is 80 do not get transported to the hospital. Bumping an 80 year old is a serious action. Either the pedestrian was guilty of violating the law or the driver was. Or is this another example of where the CHP is the first responder, judge and jury?
Analisa Harangozo March 24, 2012 at 05:11 PM
Last I spoke with CHP, this was still being investigated. I'll check in with them again and try and get these questions answered.
Analisa Harangozo March 27, 2012 at 04:04 PM
Thomas, this is what CHP has to say regarding your questions: "The driver was not cited... typically citations are not issued out of a collision, unless there is a misdemeanor violation, a drivers license, registration, or insurance infraction." From my understanding, pedestrian was finishing crossing the street when the light at the stop light turned green.


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