What Should Go Here: Mervyn's Lot in San Lorenzo

What would you like to see fill this vacant lot along Via Arriba in San Lorenzo?

Taking a trip to Mervyn's was common for most growing up in San Lorenzo during the 1950s. The chain department store made its debut in the Village in 1949 and nearly half a century, closed it doors in 1995.

The building eventually was demolished and a fence went up to enclose the empty lot.

Last year, Golden Corral, a buffet-style restaurant chain, signed a letter of intent with the Bohannons to build a restaurant at the empty lot. The announcement was made at a San Lorenzo Village Homes Association (SLVHA) board meeting in September 2011, in which residents responded positively.

The restaurant not only expected to fill the longtime eyesore at the heart of the community, but also bring with it the promise of 150 new jobs.

However, SLVHA Administrator Kathy Martins told Patch on Thursday that the decision still lies with corporate.

If you could fill this vacant lot in the next few months, what business would you like to see go here?

Post your suggestions in the comments section below.

Bendover Sanlo February 20, 2012 at 09:43 AM
would'nt anything be better then the sherriff sub station that watches are every move while they sit there for hours or when they hide behind the Lorenzo movie building doing well whatever they do deep in the back in total darkness for hours????How about a strip club, ,pot club , casino, We need in San Lorenzo is to get rid of brown nose neighbors or get down on those who choose to go further beyond being helpful neighbors to totaly up in your bussiness type milicia like Cop whatever group which is a San Lorenzo organization that promotes San Lorenzo nosey neighbors to stalk you tip noses at you at you and also get to gether on those certain days and hold conversations about those who which they discriminate against I know all this because i not only have seen and witnessed it happening to others in San Lorenzo but i have also been in their back zone book which not only targets some bad area or people but also targets just ordinary families that may of at one time had a problem or not I know with me my neighbors did'nt like my type of people that I known all my life.When i walk out of my house to this day and for the last 10 years i still have a phobia about if that secret discrimating group is still watching and talking trying to dream up other ways of trying to hassle so realy about the mervyns site How about a huge Civil Rights Statue that can remind discriminating San Lorenzo neighbors that it is finaly time for them to obey the law.? 7734-51-7734Igetm
Todd Springer March 19, 2012 at 11:01 AM
I agree with Dave and Karen. The only thing is...that the walls for a couple of homes are just open to the lot. I know that house on the corner is often "tagged". But at least try to make it nicer than a dirt lot with a fence.
Keith Barros March 19, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Knock down the abandoned strip mall on the Paseo Grande side, but leave Kavanaugh Liquos alone! Kavanaugh is now a more famous landmark (and good luck charm) than the Lorenzo Theatre across the street from it. I don't believe the Paseo Grande buildings can ever be used again. Bohannon does a good job maintaining a decent appearance for a long-vacant strip mall. But besides being a visual blight, their presence seems to be a deterent to new business.
Analisa Harangozo March 19, 2012 at 04:27 PM
That's right. Kavanaugh's recently became the second luckiest retailer in the state after a SuperLotto win this past January. Read the article here: http://patch.com/A-qc2q
Such a Shame January 04, 2013 at 11:06 PM
Having been born and raised in San Lorenzo, I can say this - "The LAST thing this safe and decent little community need is low life business like strip clubs, pot clubs, or Totally the worst idea being a Casino." and if you don't want to see San Lorenzo brought back up from the unfortunate trashy area it has sadly become - MOVE. The unfortunate truth behind nothing happening with the old Mervyn's site is this - The property is owned by Bohannon - Hillsdale, and it is being USED as a tax write off by none other than "Scott Bohannon" - who should be ashamed of himself for it.


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