What Are Your Thoughts on This Week's String Of Crimes?

Castro Valley had an active week where breaking news after breaking news hit the area. Share your thoughts on the crimes that recently hit the community.

It was a week filled with a string of crimes all happening within hours of each other.

It kicked off with No suspects have been arrested but . The victim was recently identified as 29-year-old Hayward resident Jordan Vigil.

, . Police pursued the suspects, who ended up driving the wrong way on Highway 238. Both suspects have since been arrested.

Later that evening, at gunpoint. No one was injured but the suspect remains at large.

The following day, . The purse-snatchers ended up crashing into a car driven by an Alameda County Sheriff's Office department employee infront of the in San Leandro.

Various reactions have been left on Castro Valley Patch's Facebook page regarding these incidences. Take our poll and share your thoughts to the recent spike in crime this past week. What are some things we can do as a community (if anything at all) to possibly prevent these crimes from occurring?

Dorothy Theodore May 18, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Everyone is talking about this recent streak of crime: at school, at baseball games, in my neighborhood, at the café at lunch, the topic keeps coming up. Ultimately, I believe Castro Valley is still as safe a place to raise a family as it was two weeks ago. I think this was an unlucky run of bad people doing bad things in our cozy little town. I've heard people say that it’s made them more vigilant in watching out for their friends and neighbors; it’s made them more aware of who their neighbors are and what might be “out of place.” If people get to know their neighbors and start looking out for each other because of this recent spate of crime, then that is a really good thing. It is unfortunate that these things happened in our town, but if it's bringing neighbors and neighborhoods together, then we can grow from it, and move on in a positive way.
Jim M May 19, 2012 at 03:17 AM
I think we have low crime here overall. I think the police and probation officers need to keep a watch on parolees and such. Overall the state needs to find a way to control recidivism. Otherwise we will be treading water for a long time. A lot of the community ideas like leaving your porch lights on and having community rally's sound nice, but I don't think your average criminal really cares. Your politicians get more out of them than anybody. Great photo and sound bite opportunitys! For a comparison the numbers below are the 90 day report for my old neighborhood (Temescal Oakland) in a 3/4 mile radius around 300 45th st. . Some of the data covers lower Rockridge and Piedmont Ave. The tool uses a radius and the streets are laid out in a square. You would probably spend time in those neighborhoods also, so the data is relevant. AGGRAVATED ASSAULT 6 ALCOHOL 5 ARSON 1 BURGLARY 43 DISTURBING THE PEACE 5 NARCOTICS 2 ROBBERY 26 SIMPLE ASSAULT 41 THEFT 183 VANDALISM 21 VEHICLE THEFT 61 Grand Total 394
Cisco Diaz May 19, 2012 at 03:32 PM
When I first heard about the murder on Omega Avenue I was concerned. I used to live on Omega a few houses from the crime scene and currently live 1 block away from there now. I didn't know the occupants nor do I remember anything about them. It got me thinking about my own neighbors, do I really know them? Would it have made a difference if we all knew each other a little better? I guess I will never know. It seems these days we are all so busy (myself included) we don't take the time to get to know our own neighbors much less the people on our own block. We just go about our day getting Johnny to practice, running to the market, spending time on the computer (yes I am doing that now), watching reality TV, and going to work. We never really take the time to stop and smell the roses. Maybe I will try today to meet a neighbor and get to know them. We'll see if it helps wish me luck Castro Valley.


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