Small Business Success: Waxcraft Waxing Parlor and its Community Involvement

Owner of Waxcraft, Cat Stranahan-Coakley, gives us peek at how her small business has rocked women residents all over the Bay Area.

Black and purple rooms accented with chandeliers. Sparkly cob webs, 80's metal playing above, and vintage, decor. This is what you may experience when you make your way into in Castro Valley.

"Spooky-chic" is how this small business-turned-growing-phenom is described in their "Bewitched" website complete with introduction music from the popular 1960's sitcom. Only, don't let the decor and rockin' vibe fool you. This waxing parlor is all about business: They offer a full menu of waxing services fit for any "kitty" as owner Cat Stranahan-Coakley would put it.

A resident of Dublin for nearly 20 years, Stranahan-Coakley started her career as a dental assistant until switching her careers as an aesthetician in the year 2000. This is when she fell in love with waxing.

After interviewing with franchise-type places she realized that wasn't what she wanted.

"Visiting so many licensed waxing establishments and seeing their level of sterilization is what got me motivated to start my own business. That and being able to give women a safe, clean place where they can go (without kids and men) and pamper themselves."

Stranahan-Coakley not only knows the importance of free time and sterilization but she makes sure she provides the best customer experience for whoever walks in. The repeat business has definitely made an impact on her clientele: As of March 2010 her client list went from six to 10 people to over 2,000 customers to date.

Patch asked Stranahan-Coakley what her Marketing strategy was, she said the majority of her customers were from "word of mouth." A thriving reputation took notice on ABC 7's A-list this year, as Waxcraft was awarded by voters as, "Best Bikini Wax." 

Apart from having her days booked, she is busy giving back to her community.

She will be sponsoring an underserved girl from Union City to attend a RealGirl camp — empowerment workshops where young girls have the space to learn life skills and gain self confidence.

She has also donated her services to many raffles, and is sponsoring a Hayward girl's softball team this year.

Like her own shop, she also appreciates the mom and pops around her. "I try and buy as local as possible to support the busineses around me. If they do well, I do well" 

Waxcraft is a full-service waxing parlor in Castro Valley. To book your appointment with Cat or any of the other "waxperts" visit their website or call them at (510) 728-1308.

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