Where to Recycle Everything in Castro Valley

If you have recyclable items from spring cleaning, consider dropping them off at places such as Goodwill and Eco Thrift

Don't trash that old skirt that no longer fits or throw away that old paint in your shed.

There are places in and around Castro Valley where you can ditch things you don't use anymore without filling up the landfills.

A good place for Castro Valley  residents and business owners to start their recycling mission is to visit the website of Stopwaste.org. There you can find out what you can recycle curbside or elsewhere.

Paper and Plastic: 

Drop-off Locations and Hours Stopwaste.org has an on-line "Recycling Wizard" that can lead you to places in the area you can recycle paper and plastics. Just type in the item you want to recycle and it will tell you where you can go and their hours of operation.  You can also call a toll free hotline at 1-877-786-7927 for more information.

Castro Valley  has a curbside recycling program that collects paper and plastic. For questions about pick-up days for your neighborhood's curbside recycling click here to find the website of the Castro Valley Sanitary District.


Drop-off Location and Hours Goodwill Industries  (Click here and type in your zip code to find the location and hours of the Goodwill store nearest you.)  Other area charities that accept clothing include St. Vincent de Paul and Salvation Army. Two other thrift stores in the area are  Thrift Town on E. 14th Street in San Leandro and Eco Thrift in Hayward. Consignment stores are also a good option to recycle gently used clothing. One consignment store in Castro Valley is Second Avenue Consignment, located at 20573 Santa Maria Avenue. Call 510-538-7172 before going to find out current hours. 

Electronics, Computers, Cellphones: 

Drop-off Location and Hours  Stopwaste.org provides a comprehensive list you can find here of places in the area which accept e-waste. 

Staples Office Supply Stores located throughout the Bay Area, also accept computers and electronic devices for recycling. You can find out about their recycling program here. 

Paint: (Hazardous Waste)

Drop-off Location and Hours Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste has drop-off locations in Oakland, Fremont, Hayward and Livermore serving Alameda County residents. Each site has its own days and hours of operation which you can find here.   You can also call 1-800-606-6606 for more information. Keeping hazardous materials such as paint, pesticides, solvents and other chemicals out of the waste stream (where it can pollute water, air and soil) is essential.

Household Goods, Furniture: 

Drop-off Location and Hours of Operation In addition to the obvious purveyors of used household items, such as Goodwill, Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul, where you can donate goods, there is also Eco Thrift in Hayward and San Leandro's Thrift Town.

You might also try recycling your housewares at consignment stores. Two in the East Bay include  Second Home and Urban Island 

Why not list your items for sale on EBay and Craig's List or give them away  by posting them on the Freecycle network?

Still stumped how to get rid of sometimes difficult to recycle items such as well used upholstered furniture or mattresses?  Visit Stopwaste.org's "Recycle Wizard" and search for how to recycle "special materials".  It will provide you with places in the Bay Area to get rid of many items including couches, mattresses and box springs, tires, appliances, hearing aids, exercise equipment, cars, carpets and much more.

Gale Rhoades March 05, 2013 at 04:23 PM
My favorite recycling option for most things is the local chapter of Freecycle.org. Once you've joined the chapter in your area it is simply a matter of posting a description of the item which needs a new home and then choosing from the responding emails who is to receive the item(s). There are a few rules, primary of which are that nothing may be sold via the membership list (only four types of messages are allowed: OFFERED, TAKEN, WANTED, and RECEIVED) and the descriptions of offered items must be accurate. To discover more or to join the chapter in your area, go to www.freecycle.org
Sabrina Schultz March 05, 2013 at 10:18 PM
You can also drop off old cans of PAINT to Dunn Edwards or Kelly Moore here in town (latex only, with label intact, lids securely on, no leaks, etc). If its not Latex paint or there is no label, you have to go to the Recycling Center (Hayward or Oakland, only on certain days).
Cheryl Porter March 07, 2013 at 02:10 AM
I'm still looking for some place to recycle a non-working microwave. The local places listed on stopwaste.org which were open during hours I could drop off did not take them, even though stopwaste.org indicated they did.
Charlie Goldie March 08, 2013 at 03:12 AM
I believe the recycle center next to Thrift Town will take any old appliance.


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