Foreclosed Homes: How Many And Where They Are In Castro Valley and San Lorenzo

Realty Trac releases latest information on number of foreclosures, how many are for sale and what they're selling for.

Castro Valley has 152 homes still in some stage of foreclosure, according to information released Thursday by Realty Trac. Of those, 18 are for sale.

In San Lorenzo, there are 86 homes in foreclosure with two of them for sale.

The median sale price for a foreclosure home in Castro Valley was $410,500 in March, up 9 percent from the month before. That compares with a median price of $487,000 for all homes sold in the community.

In San Lorenzo, the median sale price for foreclosures was $293,500, up 6 percent from the month before. The median prices for all sold homes was $337,500.

Foreclosure home sales in Castro Valley were down 26 percent compared to the month before and down 59 percent compared to March 2012.

In San Lorenzo, foreclosure sales fell 47 percent from February and were down 58 percent from a year ago.

Foreclosed homes appear to be getting cleared from the market. Between August 1 and March 31, there were 592 foreclosed homes sold in Castro Valley.

In San Lorenzo, 243 foreclosed homes have sold since August.

Overall, the number of properties receiving a foreclosure filing in Castro Valley fell 45 percent from the previous month and were 72 percent less than a year ago.

In San Lorenzo, foreclosure filings were the same as the previous month and down 62 percent from March 2012.

The Realty Trac website also contains a list of most of the foreclosure homes now sitting in Castro Valley.

Here is the list of foreclosure homes in San Lorenzo.

Here are the foreclosure figures for communities in Alameda County. The numbers are current through April 30. The recently sold figures are from August 2012 to March 31, 2013. Current foreclosures don't include homes recently sold.

City All Foreclosures For Sale Recently Sold Alameda 113 11 543 Albany 25 2 134 Berkeley 172 22 896 Castro Valley 152 18 592 Dublin 123 14 573 Emeryville 220 5 566 Fremont 390 52 1,592 Livermore 269 25 956 Newark 160 10 346 Oakland 2,252 102 4,462 Piedmont 205 33 796 Pleasanton 125 34 690 San Leandro 285 7 826 San Lorenzo 86 2 243 Union City 190 14 523 Alameda County 4,794 352 13,181

The Realty Trac website also includes information on foreclosed homes in every county and city in the country.

Realty Trac reported foreclosures across the country were down 5 percent in April from the previous month. Foreclosures also decreased 23 percent from April 2012. Total foreclosure activity in April was at its lowest level since February 2007.


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