Castro Valley Man Files Lawsuit After Father Dies From Eating Contaminated Eggs

The Oakland Tribune reports that the son of a Castro Valley man who died in 2010 after eating salmonella-contaminated eggs is filing a lawsuit against the Iowa farm that produced the eggs and the Castro Valley restaurant that served them.

The son of a Castro Valley man who died in 2010 after eating contaminated eggs from a Castro Valley restaurant is filing a lawsuit against both the establishment and the Iowa farm that produced them according to the Oakland Tribune.

The lawsuit is being filed by the son of Mate Marlais, 89, who died after eating "over-easy" eggs at El Rancho Steakhouse on June 7, 2010.

Marlais' son is "seeking unspecified monetary damages" against both Wright County Egg, a farm in Iowa, and , located at 3240 Castro Valley Blvd., in connection to a 2010 salmonella outbreak resulting in the recall of half a billion eggs distributed nationwide by the egg producer. The incident left around 1,300 people across the U.S. hospitalized.

According to the Oakland Tribune, Marlais was the only person who had died from the 2010 salmonella outbreak linked to Wright County Egg.

The article goes on to state:

...Marlais family claims that Wright County Egg and El Rancho Steakhouse is responsible for Marlais's death because both companies hold liability for distributing and selling the contaminated eggs and were negligent in ensuring eggs the companies produced and sold were not contaminated.

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Gale Rhoades June 05, 2012 at 07:17 PM
How on earth is the restaurant in any way responsible for conditions on the farm? Why sue a great Castro Valley spot when the only culprit is farm management? Incredibly unfair not only to the restaurant's owners but all of is in Castro Valley. And why is patch posting a picture of the restaurant and nothing else?
Katie June 05, 2012 at 11:01 PM
It's not detailed in the article, but if the restaurant was alerted to the recall and served the eggs anyway (whether by accident or not) they might be liable.
Analisa Harangozo (Editor) June 05, 2012 at 11:24 PM
Sorry for the late response, Gale. Just saw your comment post. But we used the picture simply because the restaurant is involved in this lawsuit and we're focusing on the local angle here. Thank you, Katie, for also answering Gale's question.
gregory shuster June 12, 2012 at 12:26 AM
i am in the restaurant supply business & i once did a presentation to the owner of this restaurant, he owned 3 El Rancho markets at one time. it doesn't appear logical at first when you think about any complicity the owner may have had in this incident. i can tell you that there are many sources for eggs in restaurant foodservice in the Bay Area, not all eggs are from California, & not all eggs are USDA inspected. this restaurant owner was extremely proccupied with finding the least expensive source for all of the food he purchased for his restaurant. i am a rep for one of the largest food service distributors in the nation, we understand the importance of sourcing food from vendors who are HAACP certified. this is the the highest form of sanitation certification and insures the highest standards of food safety are being practiced. the supplier of the eggs that caused the death of the man who ingested the eggs have been fined for unsafe practices, had a bad reputation for food safety and their eggs were not USDA inspected. the owner is complicit because he had a greater concern for pricing with the food products he purchased instead of food safety.


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