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Starbucks Happy Hour Is Coming Back! Frappuccino Lovers Rejoice!

Half-price drinks between 3-5 p.m. and a new Chocolate Cookie Crumble flavor? Yes!

When it's warm out, there's nothing better than strolling around with a frothy beverage.

Yeah, I know. It feels like it's October around here. But alas, you can still get a cold drink — and for a bargain price, too. 

Starbucks is launching its annual Happy Hour on Friday, where Frappuccinos are half-price between 3-5 p.m. through May 13. That means you can get one of the blended beverages for as little as $2.

Now, I generally order a tall Coffee Frappuccino Light with sugar-free vanilla (I know, I know, super boring), but I noticed this morning that they have a new offering: Chocolate Cookie Crumble. It's a blended concoction of mocha sauce, vanilla syrup, chocolate chips, milk and ice, topped with chocolate whipped cream (!?!) and chocolate cookie crumbles.

Sugar-free who?!

And of course there's also Caramel, Mocha, Java Chip,  and for those who don't love coffee, Vanilla Bean, Green Tea and Strawberries & Creme.

Check our directory to find out where your closest Starbucks. 


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