"Shop CV Blvd" Program Ends Tomorrow

Residents are urged to shop local and participating merchants are encouraged to take advantage Alameda County's “Ad Grant Program” once the year-long marketing program ends June 30, 2012.

By Bill Lambert, Alameda County's Assistant Director of Economic Development

Castro Valley “Shop The Blvd” participating merchants:

Last Fall we began a throughout Castro Valley. With 50 percent of the target area merchants joining, you were thoughtful enough to become one of the 100 participating merchants!

Now, with the loss of Redevelopment funding, the contract with the “Shop The Blvd’s” web site manager expires this Saturday, June 30.

They will longer host the web site, update the “Shop The Blvd” facebook page, or send out “tweets” on the Twitter account. The “Shop The Blvd” program will come to a close. The CV Forum published an article carrying this message in this week’s paper.

However, I want to remind you that the County’s “Ad Grant Program” will remain in place through the end of streetscape construction for firms in the target area. So far two dozen firms have taken advantage of this program, which reimburses businesses up to $500 for eligible advertisements. Our program manager for this is Joe Flores. Contact him at 510-670-6110 or joe.flores@acgov.org.

I want to emphasize that social media advertising is an eligible expenditure under this program. Social media is the fastest growing and most efficient way to spread the word amongst a diverse customer base. The “Shop The Blvd” social media campaign saw rapidly expanding “hits”, “likes” and “chatter”.

I want to encourage all of the you, participating merchants, to explore the establishment of social media accounts for your firm. The Chamber of Commerce is prepared to refer you to several firms in Castro Valley that offer this service. Contact the Chamber at 537-5300 for referrals.

“Shop The Blvd” may be gone, but marketing efforts live on. Continue to encourage your customers to shop locally, and reach them via traditional messaging and/or social media advertising!

David Ross July 01, 2012 at 04:35 PM
Good riddance. This was the most ill-conceived and confusing program of it's type that I have ever seen. If you were going to have this program then you needed to make it something that was consistent. For example, using a CV Buck would get you 10% off or a 2-for-1 deal or something AT ALL merchants. I tried using them at several merchants. A couple said they would take them just for the monthly drawing. A few places didn't give the consumer anything for them. In other places the employees didn't even know what they were. The one common thread among these merchants is that they ALL advertised the bucks in their businesses. When will people begin to understand that if you want something done right, government is no the way to do it?
Chris July 01, 2012 at 06:22 PM


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