PHOTOS: Redwood Animal Hospital Open Under New Management

The veterinary hospital off Castro Valley Boulevard celebrated an open house Thursday evening to let folks know they are not closing down despite rumors made after a change in management.

opened its doors and gave visitors a behind-the-scenes look at upgraded facility Thursday afternoon.

The facility was purchased by veterinarian Joelle Abrams on September 1, 2011. After the change in management, she said some folks thought the place was going to close down. The open house was to let people know they're open for business.

"[Taking over Redwood Animal Hospital] was my dream come true," she told Patch.

The 31-year-old veterinarian from Belmont works alongside two other veterinarians and four other staff members to serve nearly 2,000 active clients.

Unlike before, the hospital is now open on Saturdays. It also features a brand new grooming area to make Fluffy or Fido look their best.

During the open house, various stations were set up showcasing animal X-rays, dental cleaning and even a mock surgery with a stuffed tiger.

Staff answered questions about pet health, nutrition, grooming as well as highlighted some of the new equipment used to diagnose and treat their pets.

According to Abrams, Redwood Animal Hospital is the largest veterinarian hospital in Castro Valley. In the coming months, she plans to upload all the filed medical records of her patients into a computer system.

"The goal is to hopefully have people be able to check their pets' medical records online," Abrams said.

She hopes this will make pet owners more proactive in keeping track of their pets' appointments and overall health.

Hayward resident Patricia Wu was one of dozens of first-time visitors to stop by the hospital that evening. She said her cousin suggested she stop by the open house since she has a 14-year-old German Shepherd and Pitbull mix.

"My dog's pretty healthy but I don't want to look for a vet last minute if she needs it," Wu said. "This place is nice and I'd consider taking her here."

Check out the photos above to get a glimpse of the facility and Thursday's event.

For more information on Redwood Animal Hospital, visit http://www.redwoodanimalhospital.net/or call 510-582-1136.


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