Post Your CV Blvd Navigation Tips Here

If you have found an alternative route to Castro Village and businesses in the construction zone on Castro Valley Boulevard, please post it here.

Here are ways people are easily reaching Castro Village Shopping Center and the businesses on the south side of the .

Here are just a couple of reasons to go:

  • has vegetarian and pasta dishes, too.
  • is for tourists and history buffs, too. The horse is optional.


And, I hate to say it, but ... please slow down when taking an alternate route. You will be driving past people's homes and on roads that normally see less traffic.

Please add more tips in the comments section.

  1. If coming from Oakland, Berkeley or San Leandro, get off Highway 580 earlier at the Strobridge Avenue exit instead of Redwood Road.  Or if coming from Pleasanton or Dublin, get off later at Strobridge Avenue.
  2. If coming from the north end to town to the Village, take Somerset Avenue, the next major street north of CV Blvd, to access San Miguel and Santa Maria avenues, taking you straight to the Village side of CV Blvd. Somerset connects to both Chabot Road and Redwood Road, making this a versatile choice.
  3. If coming from the south end of town to the south side of CV Blvd or into the Village driveway next to Shari's restaurant, take E. Norbridge Avenue behind BART to access Wilbeam Avenue.
  4. If coming from the south end of town to the south side of CV Blvd, park in the lot near Ghengix and walk past Chase bank, then walk up the sidewalk to easily access all of the businesses next to the construction zone.

What else have you got, Castro Valley? Chime in!

Our thanks go to Patch reader Vicki Cosgrove, who suggested this article topic.

Tami Blackley May 13, 2011 at 01:54 AM
For commuters from BART and South of CV Blvd: IF you use San Miguel to cross above CVBl. PLEASE be considerate of OUR neighborhood. EVERY DAY people use San Miguel and Nunes like its a Freeway!! SPEED LIMIT IS 25. Thank You
Ken Martin May 13, 2011 at 01:38 PM
Ditto for Somerset Avenue. The amount of traffic and the speed at which it travels has gone up proportionally since the boulevard has been messed up. Thanks to CHP for visiting here occassionally but not often enough. As a resident, I kind of enjoy hearing the short siren bursts that indicate another speeder has been caught.
David Ross May 13, 2011 at 11:36 PM
Two alternates I use To get to the post office, I turn onto Jamison from Redwood. This route can also be used to get to the Village. To bypass Castro Valley Boulevard entirely I use Norbridge. I have posted a map at http://home.comcast.net/~damiross/cvalternates.html showing this.
Jasmine Clemmons May 14, 2011 at 04:10 PM
Additional parking is now available behind the "Daughtrys/Spirit" building for customers of Jazzy Crafts, the Ice Creamery, I Love Stained Glass, Bayshore Chiropractic, ReMax and Full Belly Chinese.
Alex McMurray June 02, 2011 at 01:31 PM
I live by Eden Hospital, so coming from the library I take E. Nor bridge ALL the way to Strobridge: no stop signs once you're past the BART station. Avoid Redwood Road and CV Blvd at all costs. I only take CV Blvd from Lake Chabot Rd to San Miguel, otherwise it's quicker to go up Lake Chabot Rd. CV Blvd is generally empty on Sunday morning. No problem getting through then. When I get to The street right before Chipotle, I'll quickly turn right off of CV Blvd, sort of make a u-turn into the cleaner's parking lot, and then drive across the Blvd to get to the Village. Coming down Redwood Rd, I will turn on the street just before the Safeway entrance and use that as a way to get into the Village. Otherwise, any time after 3pm, you will be in the slowest bumper-to-bumper jam you've ever been in just to get to the Blvd. That's about it for now. Bottom line: extremely inconvenient. Hurting businesses in a major way when times are tougher than ever economically, with no answer for lost revenue for those businesses. No end in sight. Next to nomway to save time getting anywhere. Thankfully I do know side streets, or else this could be really a disaster.


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