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OMG! Gas at $5.69 A Gallon

Shortages are forcing prices up in some locales. What's up where you buy?


If you've already filled your gas tank count yourself lucky. 

Some stations in Southern California were selling gas as high as $5.69 a gallon Friday morning as the state continued to suffer a price spike.

"We are looking at the highest California prices ever," Tom Kloza of the Oil Price Information Service told the Los Angeles Daily News.

The article blames the shortages on a closed refinery, a contaminated fuel line, and the fact that California gas isn't exchangeable with out-of-state fuels because of our stricter environmental laws.

Local prices have been rising but are still a lot lower than the panic levels in the south. According to gasbuddy.com, the Costco at 28505 Hesperian had the best price in the area at $4.27 a gallon this morning.

 What's the situation near you? How do you plan to change your behavior?

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Carol Parker October 06, 2012 at 07:44 AM
I heard a radio report that the State of California is considering allowing gas stations to sell the "winter" formula of gas now (which is more polluting) until the "shortages" end. To me, this would establish a bad precedent and allow the market to override our air pollution laws. Better we use this as a chance to explore alternative forms of transportation, consider shortening our commutes by moving closer to our work, and recreating closer to home. In other words, consider this a dress rehearsal for the gasoline price spikes that will surely come hand in hand with peak oil.
Dan Arnhem October 06, 2012 at 07:11 PM
Gawd, you've been drinking the Kool-Aid. Californians have been fleeced by our so-called California Formula. First the added in MTBE at about 11%... That clean idea led to the largest flood of underground water pollution the state has ever seen. So they dropped that idea. But instead of then shifting to the equally clean formulas used in many states, they once again created a new California Formula. This time the forced companies to use ethanol. Ethanol which is now recognized a nothing but a money sham, to sell all the corn in the midwest. It does nothing to clean the air or lessen global warming. Study after study has showed it to be energy neutral in that it takes a equal amount of energy to produce and transport the fuel additive to California. Worst of all it gives lower mileage so that you burn extra fuel totally eliminating anything you gained by burning cleaner. All this past decade has done for California is to make us pay billions and billions more for fuel and gain nothing in terms of cleaner air or less global warming. If you took 15 minutes to study the ethanol sham, you'd easily see that. It was all about money in politics dressed up as some "green" issue. Severen Borenstein, the best known professor at UC Berkeley regarding energy, global warming, and clean air from this formula has come to the exact same conclusion, that the entire Calif. formula is a ruse.
Carol Parker October 08, 2012 at 04:35 AM
Well... like it or not, today California's Gov. allowed the winter mix to be pumped earlier than usual. http://news.yahoo.com/california-governor-orders-state-begin-move-winter-blend-000609070.html


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