But Will There Be a Sticker Wall? Inquiring Minds Want to Know About New Book Store in Old Jordan's Spot

The Facebook fan page has been launched, but one of the prospective new owners said the lease has not yet been signed.

A new bookstore is opening at the location long known as , probably during the week of July 25, one of the prospective new owners said. A grand opening is tentatively planned for Aug. 6. 

The million-dollar question: Will it have a sticker wall?

Children automatically gravitated to the huge wall of hundreds of kinds of stickers at the store owned by .  The when the couple retired, taking with them decades of affection and appreciation from residents who got personalized service on everything from textbooks and mystery novels to toys and gifts.

It’s a bit of an open secret who the prospective new owners of the store are, but they have asked to remain anonymous because the lease isn’t yet signed and the startup loan has been approved but not yet funded.

But they do have a seller's license and an officially registered name.

The store announced itself on Facebook Sunday night with a new fan page of its own called Miss J's Books & Gifts in Castro Valley

On Monday morning, the Facebook page added this information:

Hi there! Thanks for visiting our shiny new facebook page. Stay tuned for updates on store opening date. We've got a loan and a lease draft and are very excited to open up our hearts (doors) to this great community. As we install new carpet, paint, lighting and furniture we'll post some pictures. Let us know what you think, can't wait to meet you in person! 

So, what kind of store will this be? A work in progress, that's for sure - especially with your feedback! We'll sell new books in many typical categories. We'll focus on providing you a great children's section. Be on the look out for a Castro Valley, Bay Area, and California history section. We've got a bunch of events ideas swirling around in our busy brains and can't wait to dive headfirst into the things that make this town so wonderful. 

Tipping our hat to books and content that can be delivered electronically, we'll provide you with the ability purchase e-books and content directly from our local shop. And, acknowledging the convenience of ordering books online from giant multi-national companies that rhyme with famezon.com, you'll have instant online access to over 5 million titles, but you'll be supporting a local business. 

But most of all, our highest priority will be providing the best customer service we can dream of. 

What is a local business? Well, for us - it's hyper local. Miss J's is owned by a family that lives and works right here in Castro Valley. 94546 through and through! In the coming days and weeks the owners will begin to formally introduce ourselves. 

Will we have a sticker wall? Well, not exactly. Let's just say we won't let your sticker addiction down. 

The first public hint of a new owner came with a June 22 post on the Facebook page called CVLegends, hosted by Patch blogger David Ashton. 


So, I have heard from reliable sources that a new bookstore will be opening in the old Jordan's location. What do you think a CV bookstore should provide?

June 26 response:

Miss J's Books & Gifts in Castro Valley It's true! It's true! Stay tuned on our newly minted Facebook Page for details on the opening date. We're just a click away: Miss J's Books & Gifts



Joanne Montesano June 27, 2011 at 04:21 PM
That's good news. Have been going to Jordan's now and then for years. Always enjoyed seeing the cat that was in residence sometime ago, and browsing through what was new, or searching for somthing specific like a card or gift. I'll be sure to visit Miss J's the next time I'm in the village.


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