CV Businesses: How to Become a 4R Star, Win Cash Prizes

Castro Valley Sanitary District will be awarding businesses that practice going green. 

The business will be named a 4R Star Business, awarded with cash ranging from $150 to $525, given an award certificate and one free advertisement in the Castro Valley Forum and more.

Castro Valley Businesses can become a 4R Star Business by starting and maintaining at least one activity in each of the following categories: recycle, rot, reuse and reduce. To find more information about activities your business can start to become a 4R Star Business, click here.

Here are a couple businesses that have already been named 4R Star Businesses by the CV Sanitary District:

  • Great Clips Castro Valley
  • Castro Valley Parent Nursery
  • Eden Medical Center
  • Swiss Delices
  • Castro Valley Masonic Center
  • Faith Lutheran Church

Click here for a list of more businesses

If interested in becoming a 4R Star business, visit this link to complete the 4R Business, 4R Planet Program application and submit it to CV Sanitary District.


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