AT&T Union Employees Back to Work With Different Button

After staging a walkout on Monday, union employees came to an agreement with management to be able to wear a different sticker on their uniforms that expressed their concerns with contract negotiations

A change of letters on a button lead to AT&T management allowing union employees to come back to work today.

According to an employee, U-Verse union workers of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 9412, came to work this morning sporting a button rather than a sticker on their uniforms that read "CWA: United We Stand" regarding current contract negotiations. 

They were not asked to remove them or sent home. Several employees then staged walkouts in several AT&T yards throughout the Bay Area.

An AT&T spokesperson said the company had orginially felt the "WTF" stickers were inappropriate to wear in customers' homes and businesses.

Employees from the Castro Valley site told Patch that those who were part of the walkout from yesterday did not received any penalties, such as an occurance, on their record. 

To read the previous story of yesterday's walkout, .


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