Residents Want a Town Square to Replace Daughtrey's

This is the current plan for the Daughtrey's area. Courtesy of Castro Valley Matters Facebook page
This is the current plan for the Daughtrey's area. Courtesy of Castro Valley Matters Facebook page

In a recent article, Patch asked readers what they believe the empty building along Castro Valley Boulevard should turn into.

READ: What Should Go Here?: Huge Empty Building on Castro Valley Boulevard

Here are a couple of suggestions from Patch readers:

I think this building should be a play place for young children 4 and under and a place for school kids of all ages to have a safe place to go do homework or socialize.” - Michelle Pagone

Tear down the building, and if property still doesn't sell, convert the location to a small park or town square.” – YENRAB

I believe this building should be torn down and a new 2-story covered parking garage should be built in its place. I would also add a decorative front to the building and plenty of trees to enhance its appearance in keeping with our new streetscape. If we don't have more parking, we are going to continue to lose business in the Village and on the Boulevard to the malls. More parking means more business. Do it now!” – Rene’ B

Rubble! It brings down the core of Castro Valley. Build something that the community needs that will improve the revenue stream, so CV can become a self sufficient city.” – Gary Allsebrook


Many Castro Valley residents are advocating for the building to be torn down and turned into a town square.

The idea will be brought up at the Municipal Advisory Council meeting on Feb. 4 at 6 p.m. at the Castro Valley Library.

In 2010, Alameda County’s Redevelopment Agency took control of the empty building. 

By 2012, agencies that managed redevelopment were eliminated — according to the California Department of Finance website.

The Alameda County Community Development Agency now owns the building. The agency has had a difficult time finding a buyer to purchase the site, and may sell the building for less than the purchase price to a buyer who has no obligation to redevelop the building.

According to the Castro Valley Matters Facebook page, a town square will increase foot traffic — which will encourage the community to support downtown businesses. A town square can also attract new retailers and restaurants to the center of town.

For more information about “Turn Daughtrey’s into Castro Valley’s Town Square”, please visit: 

Don’t forget to sign the petition to turn Daughtrey’s into Castro Valley’s town square! Click here!

valerie j smith January 23, 2014 at 06:05 PM
I love the idea of a safe, fun place for the kids of Castro Valley! Our teens and adolescents don't have many healthful, supervised options in Castro Valley. I grew up in a smallish town and there was little to do for the teens other than bum around town and get into trouble. As my kids get older, I am noticing the lack of healthful, fun, supervised places for our kids to go after school and on weekends. I think a teen center that might include fun, cool things to do, a safe place to socialize, help with homework, and maybe even offer some social services to those in need. I would support a plan such as this with my vote, money and volunteer time! Valerie Smith
Allison Cook January 23, 2014 at 08:55 PM
That building is a great site for a multi-vendor marketplace. Picture a butcher, a wine shop, a cheese shop, an artisan bakery, and a few other core retailers selling quality foods. I have to travel to Oakland, Berkeley, or Alameda for many of the foods I want to buy. I believe Castro Valley residents are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their food preferences and could support artisan food shops. I would advocate for ready to eat foods for sale in there too. Has anyone ever been to Market Hall foods in Rockridge or the Marketplace in Alameda? Those places are rockin' with customers and they offer great lunch options and food to go. As it stands now, Castro Valley is a no mans land for foodies. For those who want a park- please take the time to go to downtown Hayward and see the little park on Mission and Bst. Have a look at the folks down there. They will soon be at the CV park too. They will come hang out there after they recycle their bottles and cans at the local recycling center.
Charlie Goldie January 24, 2014 at 02:21 PM
Castro Valley Downtown is under study all the time. I strongly recommend not doing anything with the building until we see what the TJ Maxx complex will add to Castro Valley. Will we need more parking? Will the revenue be large enough to support adding more small businesses to downtown? Will there be increased "traffic" which warrants a park and play area for families? I say wait and see for one year.
Carol Parker January 24, 2014 at 03:43 PM
Something like Alameda Marketplace would make a nice addition to Castro Valley. http://www.alamedamarketplace.com/index.html Currently it has a coffee shop, natural grocery store, meat/fish market, bakery, pizza restaurant, sandwich shop, kitchen ware store, deli
Peter January 25, 2014 at 01:34 AM
Thank you for reporting on this Amanda. I can answer some of these questions here, but people should attend the MAC meeting on Tuesday Feb. 4 to hear more about the Daughtrey site. Jim, I have talked with urban planners and commercial developmers, people who have experience with similar projects. Busy open, public spaces do not create homeless and vagrant problems. Your concern is valid with the existing plan for the area. The alley between Daughtrey's and the Ice Creamery could very well be a problem, which is one reason the building should come down. If the building came down, it would create additional parking for the downtown area and encourage people to shop and eat downtown. The existing building has multiple issues with it from asbestos, to lead paint, to a flooding basement that has toixic water. The building was unrentable for over a decade because the layout is not conducive to most uses. It is a dinosaur and needs to come down.


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